The Best of 2016

I started and abandoned a few posts during the year detailing some of the major things I did this year, but I still want to show them here.


New Year's Eve was spent with Christina, Capri, Carmen, Ben and Martin at Artist Home's party at Conor Byrne. We pre-func'd at Capri's with some prosecco cocktails before heading over. I had an extremely bad headache, though, so I left shortly after midnight. Yay for it being walking distance from home!

I have been a Friends fan since the show started and know virtually everything about it. So, when I saw that Central Cinema was hosting a Friends trivia night, I knew I had to go and dominate. Luckily, Carly, Annie, and Kim are huge fans, too, and we even got together beforehand to prepare. Brianna joined us on the day of, and though we made some dumb mistakes, we took home the second-place prize out of 40 teams!


Christina loves 80s music, and Nite Wave happened to be playing in Ballard on her actual birthday!


I did a lot of running and swimming, but then got tendonitis in my ankle...


After several weeks of physical therapy, I was able to finally run the Seahawks 12k! I register for the race every year, but for one reason or another have never been able to attend. I didn't really have time to train due to my injury, but at least I finished!

For Capri's bachelorette party, we went to dinner, a speakeasy and then dancing. I think it's safe to say that fulfilled my Capitol Hill quota for the year. Raj also met up with us at the very end of the night, since it wouldn't be the same without him!


Obviously, the biggest thing that happened in May was heading to Spain for Capri and Sergi's wedding. I stayed with Bea in Barcelona on the first night, and then Capri reserved an apartment for the rest of the time we were in the city.

On the 30th, we left Barcelona for the vineyard house in Tordera and went to Calalla de Palafrugell for a stormy lunch on the beach.

On the 31st, we drove to France to tour some castle ruins in the Pyrenees and eat crêpes.

On the way back to Tordera, we stopped in the tiny medieval village of Besalú.


At the start of June, we were still in Spain. On the 1st, Christina, Raj and I walked and drove around Costa Brava before meeting up with everyone else for dinner in Begur.

We went to a couple old villages (Peratallada and Pals) on the 2nd and perfected our selfie art.

On the 3rd, Capri and the rest of the wedding party had photos to take, so the rest of us (me, Raj, Martin and Capri's mom) went to Girona at Sergi's suggestion. I really wish we had been able to spend more time there, because it was amazing! We saw a few of the locations where they shot Game of Thrones and walked along the entire wall that runs around the city.

Capri and Sergi's wedding was on the 4th, and it was hands down the best wedding I'll ever go to. The location was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the dancing lasted until after 3am.

Missing this Tordera house!


With a trip to the Enchantments coming up soon, I went on a soggy hike with Capri, Raj and Amy to Mount Defiance.

For the second year in a row, I participated in Ragnar Northwest Passage. This year I was on a different team, with Carly, Annie, Kim, Carly's stepbrother David, and his friend Katie. We had more than our fair share of issues, including a flat tire before 5am and an injured runner, but we finished!


I took a day off from work so that my mom and I could watch a Seahawks practice.

And right afterwards, I went hiking to Rachel Lake with Raj and Capri!


Raj won the lottery for an Enchantments permit in the Stuart Lake Zone! This meant we had to hike up Aasgard Pass to get into the core zone, and...I ended up having a panic attack as we made our way over there. I still had a good time, even though I did have to spend 6+ hours by myself waiting for the rest of the group to come back. I think I made the right decision about not going up, especially since I hadn't been training and hadn't even been running because of a stress fracture. At least I got to try out my new ultralight one-person tent!


Not a very exciting month, as most of it was spent cleaning and organizing my condo. I didn't even do anything for Halloween! But I did go to the Seahawks game against the Falcons with Mariana while she was in town for less than 24 hours!


When the Seahawks schedule was announced earlier this year and I saw that they were playing in Tampa after Thanksgiving, I pretty much immediately booked my trip down there. Luther's parents overlapped with me by a few days, but we all had a great time, as always! If only the Seahawks we know and love had shown up for that game, too... I didn't see any dolphins or manateezes during the trip this time, but I did see Mariana and Luther's new house! Hopefully I can visit again soon!


This month flew by, and I didn't really take very many pictures, honestly. We went to see A Christmas Carol at the ACT Theatre on Mom's birthday, with dinner at Sullivan's beforehand. A few days later, we did my birthday present for her, which was to see the Theater Anonymous production of It's a Wonderful Life.

The Seahawks played on Christmas Eve, and since Mariana and Luther were in town for it and the holidays, we did a big tailgate, arriving before 9:30am. I was under-dressed and freezing for most of the day, so I don't think I'll make that mistake again. I couldn't find anyone else to go with me to the game, but luckily Mariana offered to sit with me for the second half!

Stephanie and Ryan couldn't come up for Christmas, so we Skyped with them in the morning and took a (blurry) family picture (with the dogs, too, of course).

Stephanie and Ryan actually arrived on the 29th, and we had a family dinner in Renton on the 30th with Pat, Mike and Donita.

And, I guess that's 2016! Of course, there were many more moments where photos weren't taken, as well. The year had its ups and downs, but I'm glad for the time I spent with everyone!

So, this is January

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!



Outside of CenturyLink

Outside of CenturyLink

NFC Champs!!

NFC Champs!!

Well, it’s January, that time of the year when Seattleites are buried under a never-ending grey blanket of clouds, walking streets that are perpetually wet. However, it hasn’t been quite that bad this year, weather-wise. Sure, there have been days like that, but we’ve also had some crystal clear days, and today it was sunny and over 60 degrees! That’s closer to the average temperature for April! Normally at this time, I start itching to escape the state to somewhere warm, but that feeling hasn’t been too strong (yet). That said, I do feel a bit like I’m in hibernation mode, preferring to do things that are low-key and casual, rather than going dancing, to shows, skiing, etc. Often I don’t even want to have conversations, though. I simply don’t have a lot of energy or patience these days, which has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve been working more than normal. So, I’ve been reading a lot. A LOT. So much that I’ve finished six books in 23 days!

I have managed to have some fun times with people this month, though, including being at the Seahawks’ incredible come-from-behind victory against the Packers to advance to the Super Bowl! And, with any luck, ticket prices to the big game will start going down soon, and I’ll be there for that game, too!

Next stop: New York City

Surprisingly, I’m a pretty spontaneous person. Maybe it’s because I struggle to plan things for other people and so over time I learned to just kind of wing it (especially when they are also spontaneous), but it doesn’t bother me making last-minute plans. “Oh, I’m driving to Portland in five days and haven’t found a place to stay when I get there? It’ll happen, it’s okay.” I grew up with a compulsive questioner who, I imagine, can’t stand this aspect of me. “How long will you be gone?” “What time is your flight?” “How are you getting to the airport?” “What will you eat? Do you want me to make you a sandwich?” Most of the time, my spontaneity is like deciding to go out for drinks after work, or tagging along to a party at the last minute, but other times it can be more extreme. Case in point: the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl!

It’s no secret that I’m easily susceptible to peer pressure. I get cases of FOMO (fear of missing out) like no one else, and it was never more intense than when people kept telling me I should go to the Super Bowl. For a while ticket prices were so high that it was barely an idea, but as the days went by, they dropped by hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Suddenly it was a very real possibility! My cousin sent me texts nearly every day, telling me I should just bite the bullet, like he did. Everyone at work said I should go, even though the timing wouldn’t be ideal. My friend who moved had her ticket, too, and it may have been missing her a lot, as well as the idea of experiencing the spectacle with some of the biggest fans I know, that finally helped me make a decision. So on Monday, after hearing from another friend that he would be in, as well, I stumbled across two “cheap” tickets (about $200 less than I had been seeing for days), and bought them on the spot. See, sometimes it pays to procrastinate! On top of that, I was able to use only miles for my flights after checking and rechecking every airfare site on the planet. Now the hotel is booked, too, really close to all the Super Bowl Boulevard action.

So I leave Friday! And I can’t wait to be there with friends, bringing the 12th Man to the east coast! I’ve never been to New York City and haven’t researched it much, so I don’t know what I’ll do when not doing Super Bowl things. I’m sure there will be no shortage of options, though! Packing bulky warm-weather gear into a carry-on suitcase is proving to be a challenge, so I’m going to try to wear as much as I can and be that annoying person in the security line who holds up everyone while unlacing huge boots and stripping off at least two coats. But it will be worth it when I’m not freezing all day and during the game! I’m a little nervous about the whole trip, as I always am before doing something new, and I’m going to miss my dog, but it’s been an amazing season for the Seahawks and I’m so excited to be there for the end. See you soon, New York! (And please don’t be too cold.)