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Next stop: New York City

Surprisingly, I’m a pretty spontaneous person. Maybe it’s because I struggle to plan things for other people and so over time I learned to just kind of wing it (especially when they are also spontaneous), but it doesn’t bother me making last-minute plans. “Oh, I’m driving to Portland in five days and haven’t found a place to stay when I get there? It’ll happen, it’s okay.” I grew up with a compulsive questioner who, I imagine, can’t stand this aspect of me. “How long will you be gone?” “What time is your flight?” “How are you getting to the airport?” “What will you eat? Do you want me to make you a sandwich?” Most of the time, my spontaneity is like deciding to go out for drinks after work, or tagging along to a party at the last minute, but other times it can be more extreme. Case in point: the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl!

It’s no secret that I’m easily susceptible to peer pressure. I get cases of FOMO (fear of missing out) like no one else, and it was never more intense than when people kept telling me I should go to the Super Bowl. For a while ticket prices were so high that it was barely an idea, but as the days went by, they dropped by hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Suddenly it was a very real possibility! My cousin sent me texts nearly every day, telling me I should just bite the bullet, like he did. Everyone at work said I should go, even though the timing wouldn’t be ideal. My friend who moved had her ticket, too, and it may have been missing her a lot, as well as the idea of experiencing the spectacle with some of the biggest fans I know, that finally helped me make a decision. So on Monday, after hearing from another friend that he would be in, as well, I stumbled across two “cheap” tickets (about $200 less than I had been seeing for days), and bought them on the spot. See, sometimes it pays to procrastinate! On top of that, I was able to use only miles for my flights after checking and rechecking every airfare site on the planet. Now the hotel is booked, too, really close to all the Super Bowl Boulevard action.

So I leave Friday! And I can’t wait to be there with friends, bringing the 12th Man to the east coast! I’ve never been to New York City and haven’t researched it much, so I don’t know what I’ll do when not doing Super Bowl things. I’m sure there will be no shortage of options, though! Packing bulky warm-weather gear into a carry-on suitcase is proving to be a challenge, so I’m going to try to wear as much as I can and be that annoying person in the security line who holds up everyone while unlacing huge boots and stripping off at least two coats. But it will be worth it when I’m not freezing all day and during the game! I’m a little nervous about the whole trip, as I always am before doing something new, and I’m going to miss my dog, but it’s been an amazing season for the Seahawks and I’m so excited to be there for the end. See you soon, New York! (And please don’t be too cold.)