Making plans, trying things

I’ve been feeling a bit better, mood-wise, over the last week-ish. Maybe the turmeric supplement is finally kicking in? As a result, I’ve been a little more excited about doing group activities, or at least getting them planned, and I have the seeds planted for what I hope will be some good outings.

Book club (check!)

As mentioned in an earlier post, I sort of slacked off on the book club I joined last summer, and I wanted to get back into it. The book they chose for February was Slaughterhouse-Five, and since I had read it a few years ago, I RSVP’d for yesterday’s event. Well, it turns out I don’t remember that book at all! The book club is pretty laid back, though, and most people either hadn’t actually read it or also read it years before. Although we did talk about the book a little, we mostly talked about vacations, the Seahawks, and the stuff of small talk. It turned out that the bar had trivia on Monday nights, so some of us decided to do that, and we didn’t do too terribly!

Ladies work happy hour (Wednesday)

It has been EIGHT MONTHS since our last ladies happy hour at work, and I took it upon myself to get the next one scheduled for this week (tomorrow). We’ll see who all makes it, but I’ve had a lot of “yes” responses so far.

Sweaty Betties meetup (Saturday)

Some of the meetups in this group are either ridiculously early or ridiculously sponsored, so I don’t know how many I’ll make it to. However, this weekend some of them are doing a 5k race where you get an awesome fleece pullover, as well as hot chocolate and chocolate fondue. Other than the 5:45am suggested arrival time, this sounds like a dream!

Underdog kickball (March)

It seems like Underdog sports teams are a great way to meet people, so I finally decided to give it a try. (I’ve only done mini golf through them before, and I wasn’t a fan. That gets boring after nine holes, let alone 18 holes every week for six weeks!) I’m not super confident in my sporting ability at this time, so I went with kickball, since I can do that reasonably well even when I’m drunk (yay sloshball). I signed up as an individual, and will be put on a random team in March. Hopefully it’s a good experience and a fun, easy-going group! And at least the field is really close to home, so it will be easy to attend, even if it does take over my Sundays.