A How-To on Procrastination

There was literally one thing I needed to do this weekend: get my condo clean for my sister, who is dog-sitting for me for a week. The following is what I actually did this weekend…

  1. Looked at my condo and thought about where I should start cleaning first.
  2. Watched a zillion hours of YouTube videos, mostly by Grace Helbig (itsgrace/dailygrace), Hannah Hart (myharto), and Mamrie Hart (mametown).
  3. Got to level 328 on Candy Crush.
  4. Thought about how much cleaning I had to do.
  5. Put on really, really red lip stain.
  6. Combed my dog’s hair.
  7. Watched How I Met Your Mother episodes for literally the twentieth time (at least).
  8. Stood at my sink and just looked at the mess for a while.
  9. Tried a different kind of really, really red lip stain. (Verdict: not quite as red or stainy.)
  10. Tried on old clothes to see if I should keep or donate.
  11. Drank a vodka cranberry with a little too much vodka.
  12. Looked at the clock and realized how little time I have to get shit done.
  13. Watched another “few” YouTube videos until my laptop died.
  14. Plugged laptop in and wrote this blog post.

This is hard, guys. In my defense, I did do some dishes, went through mail, threw away crap, and did some spot-cleaning of the carpet.Β Still on the to-do list:

  • Finish washing the dishes in/surrounding the sink!
  • Vacuum evvvvvvverywhere!
  • Clean the bathroom!
  • Put Christmas stuff in storage! (It’s already in boxes, don’t worry. I just haven’t done that extra step of putting the boxes where they belong by March.)
  • Do laundry!
  • Throw out all the boxes/shopping bags that have accumulated in a certain amount of time that I’d rather not admit!
  • Do something with all of the clothes that don’t have hangers and are just sitting in piles!
  • Pack! (Which includes making sure I have stuff to wear…)

And now I have a sore throat, so I better not be getting sick AGAIN.