2017 Resolutions

1. Finish graduate school

Okay, this one is pretty easy. I only have one class left and should be done by the end of February!

2. Keep my condo tidy and make necessary improvements

I say every year, and it's always very hard for me, but in 2017 I need to be better about adulting. I also want to make the changes that I've put off for so long, such as replacing the carpet and installing ceiling fans.

3. Read 24 books

Hopefully I'll find myself wanting to read more once school ends, but that kind of depends on what I decide to do about the CPA exam, too.

4. Work on my mental health

At the end of 2016, after a series of panic attacks, I was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. This year I want to start managing that better, including figuring out medication, continuing therapy, and maybe writing more for stress relief.