One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So, the very day I posted my last update about how I was getting back into running...I injured myself. I guess it was more of a gradual injury, but that was definitely the day I hit the wall with it. Apparently running over 18 miles during the week, after a fairly significant break, is not the smartest idea. For the last week and a half, I've been sidelined by my hip, which has, at times, hurt so bad I could barely walk. The other day I tried to jog across a street, and it wasn't pretty. It feels a bit better now, but I'm still not sure about running on it. My knee on the same side has also been sore and I pulled a muscle at softball, so essentially I'm just a mess. I feel like I should take another week off (at least), but I'm supposed to run the Seattle Marathon 10k in four days. I guess, at this point, it's not that likely I will attempt it. Which sucks, because I was actually training for it, and I'm so bad about that usually! I also just got some new Oiselle running clothes from their recent sale that I want to try out! Ugh...

In other news, I did go camping over the weekend with some friends, which was fun. However, I can't say I recommend Viento State Park in Oregon for any other reason than its close proximity to Hood River. That was one loud campground, sandwiched closely between a freeway and train tracks. But the local beers and company were top notch!

Fingers crossed that summer continues indefinitely, so we can keep having fun outside! And...that I can recover and be injury-free for more than two weeks at a time.