Tree Trip 2.0

Now that it's actually springtime, the weather has become quite wet. What happened to those unseasonably-warm, crystal-clear days? My sister and I planned to go on a hike to Talapus Lake last Sunday, but of course that was when it literally poured all day, resulting in more rain in 24 hours than we'd had in more than SIX YEARS. So, that didn't happen, obviously. The forecast looked a bit better for this past weekend, though, so we decided to try again, and thankfully the weather was mostly in our favor.

This was a surprisingly easy 6-mile hike, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially given the fact that it was threatening to rain the whole time. That was also probably why we hardly saw any people at all, which was a nice change from my experience at Annette Lake. I'm glad I didn't bring my pup, because she would have ended up extremely muddy. We reached Talapus Lake in no time at all, and quickly decided to continue on to Olallie Lake, as well. The latter made the hike worth it, for sure; we would have been a bit disappointed if all we'd seen was Talapus. I might have damaged my car on the way back to the freeway (I hit a pothole wrong and heard a definite scraping sound underneath), but it was still good to get out in nature and the fresh air, while spending time with my sister before she's gone for a year. We used to go out in the woods behind the house where we grew up on what we called "Tree Trips," so this was kind of like that on steroids!

I didn't get a picture of it, but I was also trying out my new Deuter daypack on this hike. The shoulder straps on my older Camelbak bothered me a lot on the Annette Lake hike, and there was zero room left in when I had Ellie's stuff in there, too. This new bag isn't that much bigger, but is better suited to what I need. It has more of a backpacking look to it and one big compartment that can be better utilized than the awkward ones on my Camelbak. It also has a front zipper to access anything at the bottom of the bag, which is handy.'s so pretty that I almost didn't want to put it on the ground.

Hopefully this hiking trend will continue further into the spring and summer, even though I know it will be harder once I start school in May. The Annie Dillard quote in the header of this blog is, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives," and I'm trying to be more mindful of that. I could binge on House of Cards from my bed, or I could relax in a hammock next to an alpine lake. I could browse for random housewares online, or I could take my camera (read: iPhone) to a trail and snap some pictures worth sharing. Which is going to be more rewarding? Sure, lazy days can be great and necessary (as an introvert, I know this), but at the same time there's so much to see, even just in Washington. I have a lot of places on my to-do list already, so now I just need to find the time (and decent weather).

In other weekend news, I spent Friday night at Smashputt, went on a first date Saturday evening, and played pinochle with a few friends at Prost! after the hike on Sunday. A pretty solid weekend, if you ask me.