Operation Get Skinny

Apparently I'm very much a creature of habit, and once I get out of that habit, it's next to impossible to pick it up again on a whim. Last June (yes, JUNE!) I was doing so well with working out and eating well, but that all stopped pretty abruptly in July. (Let's just say work was more than a bit hectic.) Well, now it's more than eight months later, so maybe it's time to do something about the five-ish pounds I've put back on over that time, and a little more. (I realize that five pounds, in the grand scheme of things, is not that much. But when you're on the small side, it actually kind of is.)

So, March is going to be a fit month. I'm committing to 840 minutes of significant exercise, as well as logging my food intake every day. Also, I'm registered for the Seahawk 12k in April, so I should probably make sure I can run at least five miles by the end of the month.


Two weeks ago I took the first step: buying new running shoes. My last pair was over five years old, and apparently an entire size too small. I put the new ones to use that same day with a beautiful sunset run around Green Lake, and since then I've racked up an additional 12 miles, despite not having much time (or daylight in the post-work hours) to get outside.

Other things I'm doing:

  • Learning how to make skinny smoothies
  • Cutting back a bit on drinking
  • Running even just a mile and a half, if it is all I have time for that day
  • Boring myself almost to death on the treadmill when I know I won't be able to do anything after work
  • Using the Nike Training Club app's "get lean" program *
  • Playing softball with friends

I got off to a pretty good start at the end of February, so hopefully I can keep it up for at least the next month. It's hard to eat spinach when all I want is Cadbury Mini Eggs, though! Anyone else want to join me? Let's motivate each other on Lose It! and MapMyRun, okay?!

* So, I actually tried this last week for the first time since the summer and it didn't end well. It even put me out of commission for a few days. But once my strained neck is 100% healed, this goes back on the schedule (minus the reverse crunches)!