2015 Resolutions

  • Use all my vacation time

Or at least not lose any, since we can only carry over 40 hours into the following year. I lost eight days in 2014, and that’s pretty ridiculous.

  • Go to at least one new state

Maybe I’ll go visit Jenny in Rhode Island this year!

  • Go to at least one new country

With my 30th birthday coming up, I’d like to celebrate by finally taking a big trip. It’s been more than five years since I last went to Europe, and there are so many more places I want to see. As of now, I definitely want to go to Switzerland and Spain, but I’m flexible. Iceland, Germany, and France would be fun, too.

  • Read 40 books (or 14,000 pages)

This is my goal every year, and the best I’ve ever done is 39. (And, actually, that year my goal was 52 books.) I’ll get there someday.

  • Keep my condo tidier

It’s in pretty good shape to start off the year (and has been since the end of October), so hopefully I can maintain that. My parents are helping me put together a storage cabinet tomorrow, and that should make things a bit less cluttered.

  • Figure out how to get my 5th year of college credits, in order to take CPA exam

This is the year, I know it!

  • Buy a new car

It’s always been my goal to buy a car by the time I’m 30. I don’t know if that will actually happen, because I have other things I need to spend my money on and it’s not like my car is going to die in the next six months, but we’ll see.